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Our New Gaga Ball Pit

We're thrilled to announce that our brand-new Gaga Ball Pit is now complete!

This exciting addition to our school playground promises endless fun and active play for our students.

The Gaga Ball Pit is now in full swing, and students are already enjoying the fast-paced, inclusive game that has taken schools across the country by storm.

How to Play Gaga Ball:

Gaga Ball, often referred to as a kinder, gentler version of dodgeball, is played with a soft foam ball in an octagonal pit. Here are the rules to get you started:

Starting the Game:

  • All players start with one hand touching the wall of the pit.
  • One player tosses the ball up in the air. All players yell ‘Ga’ on the first bounce and ‘Ga’ on the second bounce. The ball is now in play!

Game Rules:

  • Players may only hit the ball with an open or closed hand once and may not carry, throw, or dribble the ball.
  • Players may not use the wall to ‘push up’ or away from the ball.
  • Players are out if the ball hits them or their clothing below the waist at any time.
  • Players may not catch the ball but may block it with both hands above the waist.
  • Players must wait until the ball touches someone else or the wall before hitting it again (NO double touches).
  • If the ball leaves the Gaga Pit, the last player to touch the ball is out.

Winning the Game:

  • The last person standing in the pit wins the game!

We encourage all students to join in on the fun, follow the rules, and most importantly, enjoy themselves! The Gaga Ball Pit is a fantastic way to get moving, develop new skills, and engage in friendly competition.