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Teaching & Learning

At Macarthur Street Primary School, we are dedicated to delivering a knowledge-rich curriculum to all students. All subjects are underpinned by our core knowledge framework which covers a range of topics such as history, geography and science. Our philosophy emphasises evidenced based teaching, ensuring that all our approaches are researched-backed and proven to be effective. 

Our highly structured learning environment and instructional methods are informed by the science of learning. Our belief is grounded in equity and inclusivity, striving to create an environment where all student’s unique strengths and backgrounds are valued and supported which allows them to fulfil their potential.


At Macarthur Street Primary School, we highly value Reading and Writing. Our philosophy to instruction is informed by current research and evidence informed best practice from the Science of Reading and Learning and follows a structured Literacy approach.


At Macarthur Street Primary School, we prioritise both Literacy and Numeracy in our core curriculum. In our Numeracy lessons, students engage with materials and various resources to demonstrate mathematical concepts, fostering a solid understanding of number, measurement, shape, statistics, and probability before delving into abstract ideas.


Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Students participate in units of learning which focus on a particular area of the biological, physical and technological sciences. Students engage in explicitly designed experiments which build knowledge and understanding, whilst giving students the opportunity to make predictions and solve problems.


Our students explore the depths of creativity with our comprehensive Art curriculum. At our school, students engage in a meticulously designed program that encompasses a range of artistic experiences. 

Physical Education

At Macarthur Street Primary School, all students take part in a one-hour Physical Education lesson each week.

Languages (Auslan)

At Macarthur Street Primary School, we incorporate AUSLAN as key part of our specialist subjects. Our inclusive learning environment celebrates diversity and offers students the opportunity to learn this beautiful visual language.


Our Cooking program sets us apart from all the rest. Every student is taught about nutrition and participates with a small group in a specialised cooking lesson. Students prepare every aspect of a meal from cutting to cooking.


In our school library, students can find a wide range of books, journals, and other resources to support their learning. These resources are carefully selected to align with the curriculum and provide students with access to diverse perspectives and information.