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Teaching & Learning

At Macarthur Street Primary School, we prioritise both Literacy and Numeracy in our core curriculum.

In our Numeracy lessons, students engage with materials and various resources to demonstrate mathematical concepts, fostering a solid understanding of number, measurement, shape, statistics, and probability before delving into abstract ideas.

Our Numeracy program, like Literacy, adheres to evidence-based teaching methods. We meticulously guide students through each mathematical skill and concept in a structured progression, utilising the 'I do, we do, you do' approach. Following instruction, we incorporate a 'Daily Review' at the outset of each math lesson.

The "Daily Review" for Numeracy is conducted at the beginning of each Numeracy lesson. Its primary goal is to reinforce previously learned concepts, number facts, improve fluency and to assist teachers in identifying student gaps and misconceptions. The Daily Review is carefully planned to incorporate spaced practice, which involves revisiting information at intervals over time. This spaced repetition strengthens retention and ensures that students retain the information in their long-term memory.